EVA Report – January 10th

Crew 290 EVA Report 10-01-2024

EVA # 04

Author: Madelyn Hoying

Purpose of EVA: Confirm all systems on REMI robot are nominal after shipping and reconstruction, and to begin collecting initial data from at least 2 different terrain types.

Start time: 1400

End time: 1600

Narrative: This was a repeat of the original plan for EVA 03 to confirm all systems on REMI robot are nominal and begin sampling for MADMEN. REMI sampled six different sites within 180 meters of the Hab. The focus of the sites was mostly on sandy and gravelly terrain near small streamways. All systems were nominal during the EVA, and the crew had little to no difficulty running commands and controlling the robot with suits on. A new setup procedure in the RAM airlock also helped alleviate some struggles from EVA 03. For MADMEN, the use of the salinity meter in the field was confirmed without obstruction by the suits or gloves. Regolith and rock samples were collected and easily identified as samples of interest by the field scientists and CAPCOM, with temperature and additional data collected at each sample depth. Overall, this was a resounding success!

Destination: within 200m of MDRS

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N518169, E4250939

Participants: Anja Sheppard (Crew Scientist), Ben Kazimer (GreenHab), and Nicole Chan (Crew Journalist)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Exit the RAM airlock with REMI and walk to sites of interest within a 200m radius

Mode of travel: Walking

Vehicles to be used (If applicable): None

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