HSO Beginning Of Mission Checklist- January 8th


Submitted by: Madelyn Hoying and Rebecca McCallin

Crew: 290

Date: 08 Jan 2024

Part 1: Using the attached Safety Equipment Inventory, locate, test and confirm operation of all safety equipment. List any equipment not found and/or missing: All components in order as listed in inventory.

Part 2: Locate and confirm the emergency escape routes in the Hab are functional and clear:

Emergency window
Commander’s window

Part Three:

Inventory First Aid kit and note what needs to be refilled: All first aid kits (science dome, hab, EVA) have complete kits according to their inventory lists. We will notify if any supplies are used for replacement.

Note any safety issues: None

Note any health/environmental issues: None

Note any missing or recommended health and safety supplies: We would recommend including a saline syringe in the EVA kit, in case wounds need flushed out in the field. Additionally, inclusion of field sutures can benefit more extreme trauma events both in the field and in the facilities, given the distance to advanced medical care.

Safety Equipment Inventory 2022-2023

HAB Upper deck HAB Lower deck RAM GreenHab ScienceDome Rovers
CO monitor X X X X X
Escape ladder X
Eyewash X
Fire blanket X X X
Fire extinguisher X X X X X
First Aid X X
Intercom X X X X
Nightlight X X
Propane alarm X X
Radios (Channels 10 and 22) X X X X X
Smoke alarm X X X X X
Tow rope X
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