Sol Summary – December 31st

Sol: 7
Summary Title: Sol Seven: Relaxation Heaven
Author’s Name: Adriana Brown
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Status:
Crew 289 ended 2023 with a rest day on Mars. With no alarms set, the crew enjoyed a brunch of crepes with various toppings. Soon after, some crew members returned for an early afternoon nap, or played Jenga, with some emerging victorious, and some not (sorry Riya and Eshaana). Then, the crew worked for a bit on research. Riya checked on her hydroponics set up, added more stakes to cucumber leaves, trimmed carrot plants, and treated the plants to some EDM. Adriana relabelled all of the sediment samples catalogued yesterday with the correct stratigraphic heights, Nathan worked on the air quality and air lock sensors and figured out a battery problem with one of the suits. Besides research, the crew also worked on jamming to some music, a Martian themed puzzle, and a special New Years Eve dinner: layered biryani courtesy of Eshaana and Adi. Tonight, the crew is also planning to make some brownies as a treat to usher in the New Year and watch Lagaan, a Bollywood movie downloaded by Adi. Happy New Years from Crew 289 to all our friends at Mission Support and on Earth!
Look Ahead Plan: LiDAR scanning EVA #9 to Kissing Camel Ridge
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: sunny and clear
Crew Physical Status: Nominal
EVA: none
Reports to be filed: Journalist Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, Sol Summary, Astronomy Report, Photos
Support Requested: None

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