Sol Summary – January 10th

Crew 290 Sol Summary Report 10-01-2024

Sol: 3

Summary Title: Hitting rock bottom…in a good way

Author’s name: Madelyn Hoying

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Things are starting to come together! After a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and homemade bread courtesy of Anja (callsign: Freebee), the crew kicked off the day with science prep, GreenHab upkeep, and habitat housekeeping. After a light lunch, EVA 04 prep commenced for Freebee, Ben (Funk), and Nicole (PODO), with Madelyn (Melon) as CAPCOM. On EVA 04, REMI and Freebee sampled six different sites within 180 meters of the Hab. The focus of the sites was mostly on sandy and gravelly terrain near small streamways. All systems were nominal during the EVA, and the crew had little to no difficulty running commands and controlling the robot with suits on. A new setup procedure in the RAM airlock also helped alleviate some struggles from EVA 03. EVA 04 was also the first sample collection for MADMEN. Funk performed human factors assessments of salinity field tests and collected the necessary samples from shale in the Curtis foundation near the Hab. EVA 04 was a success and provided Rebecca (Chopper) with samples to run to begin the microbiological analysis goals of Project MADMEN. As always, Anna (Roots) proved to be an excellent Crew Engineer and managed to troubleshoot multiple things as they came up, preventing progression towards serious issues. The crew is settling in for a dinner made by Funk and looking forward to some more crew bonding activities tonight!

Look Ahead Plan: Engineering EVA, science planning

Anomalies in work: pH meter still not functional

Weather: Warm on EVA!

Crew Physical Status: nominal

EVA: 04 Science tasks for REMI and sample collection, with Anja, Ben, and Nicole

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Journalist Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, EVA Report, EVA Request

Support Requested:

Septic tank and toilet solution (see ops report)
For engineering EVA to fix the RAM ramp: any updates on use of a shovel and where to take regolith from?
Can we use GreenHab shovels to assist in sample collection on EVA?

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