Sol Summary – January 1st

Sol: 8
Summary Title: Sol Eight: Kissing Camel Date
Author’s Name: Adriana Brown
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Status:
The Earth year 2024 began with a toast of sparkling juice in mugs after a midnight countdown. The crew then awoke to a gorgeously sunny morning on the Red Planet. We were treated to Adi’s poha and upma for breakfast which fueled the crew for a day of EVAs and research. Adriana checked on her sediment experiments afterward. The EVA crew set out at noon for a set of LiDAR scans. The first scan took place at our Home Sweet Hab. Under Riya’s careful guidance, Adriana, Eshaana, and Sara helped guide the camera around the MDRS campus to reproduce a high-resolution scan. Then, they boarded the rovers and drove southward to Kissing Camel Ridge to collect more LiDAR data (and some petrified wood).
At the Hab, Gabe, Nathan, and Adi were busy cheffing up a storm. The EVA crew returned to a wonderful carb-rich spread of macaroni and cheese, cheesy biscuits, roasted veggies, and mashed potatoes. Thanks, team! After lunch, the crew began the sequence of showers to kick off the New Year squeaky clean.
This evening, Adriana will be making some sort of dinner that utilizes a lot of kale (thanks, GHO!), Adi will work on E.L.F., Nathan will work on an airlock sensor, and Eshaana will download data from her mini farm. If time allows, we also hope to finish the second half of Lagaan. Here’s to 2024!
Look Ahead Plan: robotics EVA #10 to candor chasma
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: Sunny and clear

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