Astronomy Report – January 30th



Name: Rob Hunt
Crew: 291
Date: 30/01/2024
Solar Features Observed: Sun spots observed, imaged, and fully processed for emailing (attached).
Problems Encountered:
Sun was not fully on ’scope until 09:00 so time in MO will typically be 08:30 to 14:30,
because of the state of the shutters, the ’scope and dome floor are at high risk of being water damaged from rain ingress,
on the floor near the western alcove the cabling coming out of the floor is a tripping hazard and some of the cables are damaged or at risk of being damaged (image attached),
on power-up the Celestron Hand Control wanted ENTER to wake from HIBERNATION then asked for TIME and DATE then showed CGO PRO READY,
it did not show ALIGN SUCCESS so I pressed SOLAR SYSTEM,
SOLAR SYSTEM showed MOON with a “W” in top right corner, and I could not access MENU to get to SUN,
pressing MENU changed the ”W” to an “E” and I was able to scroll to SUN which slewed ‘scope to the Sun,
‘scope struggled to get crisp images all day, with no prominances but several groups of fuzzy Sun spots observed,
the observed Sun spots were the same ones seen for the last few days.
as usual the program is very washed out to look at and attempts to give it better contrast by adjusting Windows 10 display settings were unsuccessful,
in the Quick Guide (MOQG), I suggest software be named consistently, i.e. SharpCap (not Sharp Cap),
as yesterday, instead of saving to the Capture folder as an .avi file, SharpCap saved 1,000 JPG images so I changed the Output Format to .avi.
in MOQG at Step 14. p25, I suggest this be checked in top, right corner of window.
in MOQG chapter on p28, I suggest say in Step 1. that program opens in two windows, the sizes of which can’t be changed (?),
in MOQG, I suggest software be named consistently, i.e. AutoStakkert (not Autostakkert),
in MOQG, I suggest Step 6. to read “After first two steps of STATUS in middle panel of left window show green ticks…”,
in MOQG, I suggest Step 2. to read “…the stacked tiff file from AutoStakkert…”,
in MOQG, I suggest Step 3. to read “The file will automatically open in the Wavelet tab (top, left)…”.
in MOQG, I suggest software be named consistently, i.e. Photoshop,
in MOQG, I suggest Step 1. to read “…Open Photoshop in the task bar and in the Window dropdown menu ensure Tools is selected and use the Quick Selection Tool in the Tools Panel.”,
in MOQG, I suggest Step 2. to read “…Chromosphere and Prominence PNG files in the SharpCap Capture folder and open them. If you didn’t image any Prominences then just open the Chromosphere file and process that.”.
outcome for the day is 1,000 frames from SharpCap processed through AutoStakkert, Registrax, and Photoshop, then prepared for this Astronomy Report to Mission Support (image attached).
successfully parked ‘scope in HOME POSITION, HIBERNATED, and completed Closing Procedure per MOQG chapter,
returned items to storage locations and locked up MO.

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