EVA Report – January 23rd

EVA # 3
Author: Andrew Wheeler
Purpose of EVA: Deployment of environmental sensors
Start time: 10:15am
End time: 11:00am
Narrative: Environment monitoring sensors have been brought to MDRS to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, altitude, dust, organic gases, CO2, magnetic field strength, light intensity, UV and IR intensity and battery/solar panel performance. Before deployment, the sensor suite (encapsulated within a Stevenson Screen (digital equivalent)) needed to be linked into the local area network to allow for calibration. Unfortunately, the device could not access the WiFi and was unable to be deployed at this time. Deployment is to be outside the science dome so that visual monitoring can be undertaken and short range remote access maintained. Instead, the EVA involved a practice run in setting out the equipment and confirming that all were operating (though not recording). This was then dismantled and returned to the hab for troubleshooting. Additionally, a preliminary examination of the ground conditions for EVA #4’s robot deployment was carried out before returning to the hab.
Destination: Outside science dome panoramic windows
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518228E 4250718N
Participants: Andrew Wheeler (9), Steve Hobbs (8)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: MDRS campus environs.
Mode of travel: Walking

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