GreenHab Report – January 18th

Crew 290 GreenHab Report 18-01-2024 (Sol 11)

Greenhab Officer: Ben Kazimer

Heater on (set to 65⁰F), fan off, door closed

Average temperatures: 0829: 80.8⁰F, 15%, 1545: 76.8⁰F, 25%, 1750: 70.2⁰F, 29%

Hours of supplemental light: nominal 4 hours overnight

Daily water usage for crops: 6 ½ gallons

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: N/A

Water in Blue Tank 125.3 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops:

0829: 6 gallons watering, 1545: ½ gallon misting

Changes to crops: Big harvest of leafy greens and trimming of some dead leaves on herbs.


A rather chill sol in the wonderful world of the greenhab affairs. All system and plant health statuses are nominal, which was quite welcome with other duties occupying most of my time today. The plants have been riding out the early morning watering, with an afternoon pick-up misting, and will hopefully get a post-sunset misting and light watering (if I don’t fall asleep on the bean bag chair after I submit this report). I’ve been letting a bunch of greens grow out to stockpile a fresh salad, hence tonight’s bountiful harvest. I’m holding off on a few miscellaneous veggies for a sampling harvest tomorrow that should contain one pea pod, 3 tomatoes, and an assortment of herbs. Tomorrow, I’ll also update the inventory list and leave a few (optional) recommendations to 291! Last but not least, I forgot to report on yesterday’s music choice ☹ Despite previous trends with disaster, I let out some more rap but this time a bit newer with a curated rotation of Mac Miller. Today, the plants got a pretty wide range of tunes, most notably the long-awaited Dave Matthews Band #41 Live in Rio. I think it’s quite obvious, but everyone in the greenhouse enjoyed that one.

Harvest: 13 grams Cilantro, 47 grams Kale, 47 grams Red Cabbage, 32 grams Arugula, 20 grams Lettuce

Support/supplies needed: None!

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