GreenHab Report – January 19th

Crew 290 GreenHab Report 19-01-2024 (Sol 12)

Greenhab Officer: Ben Kazimer

Heater off (not by choice), fan off, door closed

Average temperatures: 1128: 92.3⁰F, 11%, 1310: 79.4⁰F, 30%, 1956: 52.2⁰F, 18%

Hours of supplemental light: nominal 4 hours overnight

Daily water usage for crops: 11.25 gallons

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: N/A

Water in Blue Tank 114.05 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops:

1128: 11 gallons watering, ¼ gallon misting

Changes to crops: Trimming, watering, and organization of all plants. Light harvests in some herbs


A bittersweet last chapter in Funk’s Martian Greenhab operations. For my last sol in sim and as acting greenhab officer, I closely inspected every plant to trim off dead leaves, give a healthy watering, thorough misting, and thoughtful repositioning within the greenhouse layout. The music choice was soft alternative/folky music, fitting for the last sol mood. All the plants were doing pretty well, aside from the cucumbers… The cuke in the back blue planter didn’t do too well with the thermal cycling overnight due to the faulty heater, but the 2 plants in the front of the greenhab faired a bit better. I figured an in-depth tomato fruit inventory was worthwhile for all those following along at home and the results are in for the most fruitful plant… Tomato Number 4 with 45 fruit showing!!! Don’t worry, I’m as surprised as you are! For context this was solely based on the number of fruit, not combined size. While more difficult to measure in these facilities, I would eyeball that victory to (unsurprisingly) Tomato Number 9 To be fair, Tomato No. 4 did bear the 3 orange tomatoes our crew shared tonight before dinner (out of this world flavor). Side note: the heater is currently not functioning properly, but I have faith that Roots, Mission Support and myself can return it to nominal status tonight.

The plants are happy and the greenhab is clean! Everything should be in order for 291 to come in and continue the MDRS Greenhab legacy!

Harvest: 2 grams Sage, >1 gram chives, 6 grams basil, 23 g tomatoes (!)

Support/supplies needed: Heater is on the fritz again

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