GreenHab Report – January 23rd

GreenHab Officer: Scott Dorrington
Environmental control: heater off (space heater on overnight), fan off, door closed
Average temperatures:
07:40: 52 F, 71%
08:52: 54.5 F, 72%
11:46: 66.9 F, 52%
12:38: 77.2 F, 45%
15:34: 77.9 F, 42%
16:15: 71.2 F, 46%
17:59: 53.4 F, 75%
19:23: 52.5 F, 77%
Hours of supplemental light: 24 hrs (lights turned on last night and left on)
Daily water usage for crops: 6 gallons
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: 0 gallons
Water in Blue Tank (200 gallon capacity): 154 gallons
Time(s) of watering for crops: 07:40 light mist, 12:00 water + mist
Changes to crops: None
During last night’s comms window, we received advice from mission support to leave the plants inside the greenhab for the next few nights, with the space heater running, and the supplemental lights running all day and night. I went out to take a temperature reading at 21:56 following comms window, and found the temperature at 52 F. It seems the heater did manage to warm it up a little from the previous measurement. In the morning, I was eager to get a temperature reading soon after waking to try to catch the coldest temperature. At 7:40am, the temperature read 52 F, indicating that it was likely a constant temperature of 52 F through the night (this matched the indicator on the space heater). Knowing that sunrise was soon to come, bringing warmer temperatures, I commenced the daily dose of music therapy with “Here comes the sun”. I returned to the hab at 8:52am to turn off the space heater and take another temperature reading. While in the greenhab, I commenced an examination of some of the plants. I noticed that cucumbers 1 & 2 had become tangled together – these were gently detangled. At midday, I returned to the greenhab to water the plants. As advised by mission support during induction, the plants were due for some fertilizer. I applied 6 gallons to the plants, mixing in 0.5 cups per gallon of miracle-gro. Around half was given to the tomatoes and cukes. During this midday watering, the plants were treated to another dose of music therapy. This time was some chill Aussie tunes including Lime Cordiale and Spacey Jane. The afternoon saw another misting and dose of music. This time, mixing it up with some rock, featuring AC/DC, Airbourne, Aerosmith and the Darkness. I think the plants enjoyed it – the crew in the hab certainly enjoyed the first airing of Radio Greenhab live from Mars over the comms. In the evening, I returned to the greenhab to turn on the space heater. We also performed our first Martian harvest, getting some basil, parsley, and sage for a nice tomato sauce for tonight’s dinner. During comms window, another spider was relocated to the Greenhab.
Harvest: 4g parsley, 9g basil, <1g (3 leaves) of sage
Support/supplies needed: None

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