Journalist Report – January 16th

Nicole Chan <nicolec081204>
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Journalist Report

Nicole Chan, Crew 290 Journalist


Sol 9

A bit of a later start to the workday today as the crew got up one by one. We had interesting conversations while Ben (Funk) and Anja (Freebee) took turns making chocolate chips and blueberries pancakes. With our EVA #9 scheduled for 1230, Madelyn (Melon) briefed the EVA crew, which included Rebecca (Chopper), Freebee, and myself (PODO), on the geological sites of interest that we should be targeting today. We soon began to suit up and head out to the airlock for depressurization.

We headed off in our rovers to the area before Kissing Camel Ridge, where there are hills displaying layers of multi-color deposits. Our goal was to get a sample that will contain that color gradient. Chopper and I scouted out multiple sites at the foot of the hill with this gradient of white, green, then deep red soil. I took plenty of pictures of the surrounding areas as we explored for post-EVA analysis and debrief. Since we budgeted extra time for the EVA, we took our time weighing our options before selecting the best site. Similar to yesterday, we began taking temperature, salinity, ATP measurements and collected some soil for loading onto microfluidic devices. This took up most of the EVA time while Freebee led REMI through various terrains and collected more ground-penetrating radar data. When we reconvened at the rovers to perform the pH measurements, Freebee joined our efforts and it was great synergy. We headed back to the Hab on time and shared our findings with the rest of the crew. Overall, we had a pretty good time in the field today, woohoo!

The sol’s work continued! Freebee, Chopper and I headed to the ScienceDome to perform the daily pH measurements of the soil samples in different reagents and to process the microfluidic devices from today’s sample collection. Although it sounds like a lot of work, the crew always make time to advance the MADMEN science objectives. We make it fun too, with music playing in the background and fun chatter as we watch the Martian sunset. Time passes quickly when we settle into a routine, which can be said about our mission as well. As we are planning out our last few EVAs on Mars, we plan to maximize our time here at the station. Concurrently, we are also making plans for our first day back on Earth, where we’ll be celebrating our collective endeavors on Mars and bidding our farewells. I’m sure it’ll be a bittersweet goodbye when the time comes.

Photo of the Day: 290-01_16_2024 awesome views on the drive.JPG

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