Operations Report – January 23rd

SOL: 2
Name of person filing report: Scott Dorrington + Rob Hunt
Non-nominal systems: Greenhab heater, Toilet holding tank indicator
Notes on non-nominal systems: Toilet holding tank indicator still indicating 2/3 full despite emptying yestersol
Spirit rover used: N/A not used
Hours: (before EVA)
Beginning charge: (Before EVA)
Ending charge: (On return from EVA, before recharging)
Currently charging:
Opportunity rover used: N/A not used
Beginning charge:
Ending charge:
Currently charging:
Curiosity rover used: N/A not used
Beginning charge:
Ending charge:
Currently charging:
Perseverance rover used: N/A not used
Beginning charge:
Ending charge:
Currently charging:
General notes on rovers:
N/A not used
Summary of Hab operations:
WATER USE: 21.2 gal
Water (static tank): 427.5 gal. (depth 9 3/8 inches)
Static tank pipe heater: on
Static tank heater: on
Toilet tank emptied: no
Summary of internet: Nominal during comms window
Summary of suits and radios:
Repair of Suit #7. Noticed screw in back ventilation was loose previous day. Opened back to extract screw – found that washer had fallen through the wood backing, no longer gripping. Located larger washer in RAM to add to existing washer. This allowed screw to be tightened. Suit #7 is now operational.
Summary of GreenHab operations:
WATER USE: 6 gallons
Heater: Heater broken. Space heater on overnight.
Supplemental light: On. Left on all day + night
Harvest: 4g parsley, 9g basil, <1g (3 leaves) of sage
Summary of ScienceDome operations: Entered science dome to investigate textbooks
Dual split: Nominal
Summary of RAM operations:
Rob used RAM to fabricate temporary toad/screed tool for Steve’s EVA 4. Tape supplies were very low to start with. All of about 10 different tapes were near the end. Rob used a few inches from each of several types to construct the tool. Suggest we locate/create inventory.
Scott used RAM to locate washers for Suit #7 repair. Explored RAM to familiarize with available tools.
Summary of any observatory issues: Observatory not used. Laptop was charged overnight from Critical (4%) to full.
Summary of health and safety issues:
Dust from sweeping the downstairs floor irritates team members’ noses and lips.
Using can opener incorrectly can result in razor sharp edges on the cans. Teams should understand this hazard.
Steve and Rob returned quite fatigued from EVA 4 so re-hydration was essential. EVA’s need to ensure hydration is addressed.
Static discharge around Hab was noticed and managed regarding electronics.
Falls hazard identified if standing near top of steps to upper level.
Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support:
Associated with EVA requests. If there is a need for extension of an EVA in the vicinity of the hab when rovers aren’t involved, can we authorize an EVA extension request (e.g. additional 20-30 min)?

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