Astronomy Report – February 8th



Name: Aditya Krishna Karigiri Madhusudan
Crew: 292
Date: 08/02/2024
Robotic Telescope Requested: MDRS-WF
Objects to be Imaged this Evening: M51 Whirlpool Galaxy
Images submitted with this report: NGC 5904 Globular Cluster.

Problems Encountered:
1. Only a single bias calibration frame was generated in Skynet. No dark and flat calibration frames for the filter were generated.
2. The images were initially calibrated using the single bias calibration frame, aligned, and stacked using AstroImageJ. Later they were processed and stacked once again into a color image using Photoshop. MDRS astronomy laptop was used to carry out the analysis. However, I could not find the camera raw option in the filter menu. As a result, I could not make fine adjustments to the image.
3. The images obtained through the luminous filter seem to be more noisy. The final image with and without the luminous layer is attached to this email. Maybe due to the lack of calibration frames?

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