EVA Report – February 11th

EVA #008
Purpose of EVA: To collect concretions and soil samples for biology and engineering projects. To map and locate different types of structures and features for geology and geo-conservation studies.
Start time: 13:30
End time: 16:00
Narrative: Bright sunny day and our CREW members ABC were all set for exploration. Bharti drove the rover (the first time that long) to the destination. The crew started the exploration journey to identify as many rocks, concretions, cross-beddings and if there is any igneous intrusion. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any igneous intrusion. However, there was a thin layer of shale bedding (shale is a sedimentary rock formed by the compression of mud), and there were some signatures of meta-sedimentary rock such as meta-conglomerate. We were able to mark the locations of several cross-bedding features. However, the cross-bedding was on the big boulders of the country rock which got weathered away from the top so, slope angles were not measured as they would not be accurate. We found various micro-folding on the sandstone bed. Overall, our in-detail geology EVA was great.
Destination: South of Cowboy Corner – 518681, 4252888
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518681, 4252888
Participants: Annalea, Bharti and Clare (the ABC)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Exited the Hab through the main Air Lock, drove the driveway to Cow Dung Road 0110 to the north until the crew reached the south of the Cowboy corner. The crew conducted the detailed field within a radius of 400 m only
Mode of travel: Curiosity Rover and Opportunity Rover, and walk within a radius of 400m only.

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