Operations Report – February 10th

SOL: #6
Name of person filing report: Rajvi Patel
Non-nominal systems: None
Notes on non-nominal systems: Hab Heater turned off
– The Hab heater turned off and had orange (1 short and 3 long) flashes. I contacted Sergii and was able to get the heater back up again.
Spirit rover used: Not used
Opportunity rover used: Not used
Curiosity rover used: Not used
Perseverance rover used: Not used
General notes on rovers:
Summary of Hab operations: put notes here
WATER USE: 24.18 gallons
Water (static tank): 341.09 gallons
Static tank pipe heater (on or off): On
Static tank heater (On or off): On
Toilet tank emptied: No
Summary of internet: Nominal
Summary of suits and radios: The radios worked fine for today’s EVA. Suit #6 fan started running extremely low (in the airlock) after returning from the EVA. Our EVA duration was 2.5 hours. The voltage before EVA was 13.12 V and post EVA it was 9.15V. The fan running low might be due to the low voltage. I remember Crew 291 Engineer performed a 1-hour fan run test to see if the battery was faulty for a similar situation. Do I have permission to run that test on Suit #6? Need Advice.
Summary of GreenHab operations: put notes here
WATER USE: 8.6 gallons
Heater: On
Supplemental light: 22:00 -02:00
Harvest: None
Summary of Science Dome operations: Daniel used the Science Dome after sending the EVA team out, starting a non-targeted PCR run of extracted DNA from samples collected on EVA 4 on Sol 4. Towards the end of the run, he prepared an electrophoresis gel to visualize the results of the PCR and found DNA from soil that was collected from underneath a rock. An image was taken and annotated, further PCR’s will be performed to identify this DNA and investigate the presence of a range of biogeochemical genes. Annalea used it for her drawings on concretions.
Dual split: Heat ON
Summary of RAM operations: (Tools used, work done) None
Summary of any observatory issues: None
Summary of health and safety issues: None
Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support:
– Concern on Suit #6. Refer to the “summary of suits and radios” section.

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