Astronomy Report – February 13th

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Astronomy Report

Name: Aditya Krishna Karigiri Madhusudan

Crew: 292

Date: 13/02/2024


Robotic Telescope Requested: None

Objects to be Imaged this Evening: None

Images submitted with this report: NGC 1952 Crab Nebula captured with MDRS WF

Additional Notes:

1. Skynet shows that the MDRS WF telescope’s dome is open and is down with a camera error. Should I visually go and check if the dome is open?

2. I did the photometric observation of AG DRA in BVR filters on February 10th and as you suggested submitted the observations of NGC 1952 and M51 in RCOS 16 with LRGBHalpha filters. But When I checked the data of all three observations, they were not proper and were as follows in all filters. Can you please help me with this? Should I repeat my observations? Did I miss something while setting the observation? Feel free to log into my account and check the submission. It’s the same username and password as I sent you before!

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