Crew 293 Crew biographies, photos and mission patch – 18Feb2024

[title Crew biographies, photos and mission patch – February 18th]

Yves Bejach

Yves Bejach joined ISAE Supaero to pursue his passion for space. With this in mind, and to get closer to the world of research, he joined the crew as Crew Scientist, responsible for ensuring that experiments run smoothly and protocols are respected. Together with his crew, he hopes to continue extending the scientific scope of the project, and to take advantage of this mission to popularize science.

Léa Bourgély

Léa Bourgély joined ISAE-Supaéro after completing a degree in physics in Paris, with a major in astrophysics. In line with her passion for astronomy and astrophysics, she has taken on the role of Astronomer for Crew 293. She will be in charge of the station’s two telescopes, and her astronomy project will involve studying Coronal Mass Ejections and sunspots, in order to assess their speed and direction.

Lise Lefauconnier

Lise Lefauconnier, a 2nd year student at ISAE and originally from Normandy, has long been interested in space exploration, and more particularly in the physiological impact of manned flight on human beings. This interest in the study of human reactions and behavior, her natural sensitivity and attentiveness to others, and her experience as a gymnast are what motivate her in her role: she will be a health and safety officer, in charge of the moral and physical well-being of the crew, through daily sports sessions in the station and moments of team-building.

Leo Tokaryev

A long-standing space enthusiast, Leo Tokaryev has joined crew 293 as a flight engineer to conduct experiments that will advance scientific research in space. During this mission, he will be responsible for keeping the station and its scientific instruments in good working order. Leo is particularly interested in space hardware test experiments, which will help develop tools for astronauts.

Marie Delaroche

Marie Delaroche is a student at ISAE Supaero. Having grown up in New York in a multicultural environment, she decided to return to France to study space engineering and manned flight. After a first mission at MDRS as Crew Journalist, she joined Crew 293 to serve as Commander, with the aim of continuing to extend the scientific and educational reach of Supaero’s MDRS project.
Her experience and kindness will be major assets to the success of crew 293’s mission in 2024!

Erin Pougheon

Erin Pougheon is a second-year student at ISAE-SUPAERO. Having heard about the MDRS project, she decided to join the school to study space and manned flight, a field she’s been passionate about since childhood. MDRS is an opportunity to realize her dream of contributing to space exploration efforts. An avid writer, she will be the crew’s journalist, reporting on the mission and sharing her experiences with the spacefaring community.

Mathurin Franck

After completing preparatory classes at the Lycée Pierre de Fermat, Mathurin Franck went on to pursue his dreams of space exploration and piloting at ISAE SUPAERO. With his heart set on collaborating as closely as possible with the major entities in the space sector, he wants to participate and bring his conviction, values, seriousness and skills to space exploration, to contribute to technological evolution and to be a stakeholder in this formidable human adventure that breaks down all frontiers. So it’s with great pleasure that he takes part in this mission in the role of botanist, and is ready to take science to the next level!

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