Crew 293 HSO Beginning Of Mission Checklist 18Feb2024

[title HSO Beginning Of Mission Checklist – February 18th]


Submitted by: Lise Lefauconnier

Crew: 293

Date: 02/18/2024

Part 1: Using the attached Safety Equipment Inventory, locate, test and confirm operation of all safety equipment. List any equipment not found and/or missing:

Did not find the intercom in lower deck. This has been discussed with the site manager, Ben.You will find below the Safety Equipment Inventory completed.

Part 2: Locate and confirm the emergency escape routes in the Hab are functional and clear:

1. Stairs: all clear

2. Emergency window: all clear

3. Commander’s window: all clear

Part Three:

Inventory First Aid kit and note what needs to be refilled:

In the EVA bag:

– Marker

– Scissors

– Emergency thermal blanket

– Compressed gauze Z-folded

– Dressing

– Alcohol prep pads

– Antiseptic Towelette

– Adhesive bandage

– Sterile gauze swab

– Tourniquet

– Emergency compression bandage

– Triangular bandage

– Elastic bandage

– Adhesive tape

– Examination gloves

– Splint

In the little locker:

– Instant cold compresses

– Eyewash, eye pads and tape

– Burn dressing

– Plastic bandages

– Antibiotic ointment

– First aid/ Burn cream

– Hand sanitizer

– Nitrile exam gloves

– BZK Antiseptic towelettes

– Triangular bandage & CPR face shield

– Adhesive tape

– Trauma pad

– First aid guide

– Gauze dressing pads

– Scissors

– Tweezers

In the large locker:

– Ibuprofen

– Hydrogen peroxide

– Fingertip pulse oximeter

– Isopropyl alcohol

– First aid antiseptic

– Infrared thermometer

– Electronic blood pressure monitor

– Earloop face masks

– Cotton swabs

– Athletic tape

– Stretch gauze bandage rolls

– Pen

– Self adhering wrap

– Band-aid pack

– Thermal blankets

– Elastic bandage

– Adhesive tape

– Dramamine

– Clip

– Triangular bandage

Note any safety issues: Nominal

Note any health/environmental issues: Nominal

Note any missing or recommended health and safety supplies: None

Safety Equipment Inventory 2022-2023

HAB Upper deck HAB Lower deck RAM GreenHab ScienceDome Rovers
CO monitor Tested, works Tested, works Tested, works Tested, works Tested, works
Escape ladder ok
Eyewash ok
Fire blanket ok ok ok
Fire extinguisher ok ok ok ok ok
First Aid X
Intercom ok Not found ok ok ok
Nightlight ok ok
Propane alarm Tested, works Tested, works
Radios (Channels 10 and 22) ok ok ok ok ok
Small fire extinguisher Not found
Smoke alarm Tested, works Tested, works Tested, works Tested, works Tested, works
Tow rope ok
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