EVA Report – February 13th

Crew 292 EVA Report 13-02-2024

EVA #011


Purpose of EVA: Detailed geology and geomorphology fieldwork. To collect data on the types of rocks, structures, micro and major geomorphological features and draw a map.

Start time: 13:30

End time: 16:30

Narrative: The EVA was worth it. It was a long drive, a bit difficult on Galileo Road 1104. We parked our cars near the compass rock and walked to the Candor Chasma. We explored the Canyon from the ridges first and then we went down and collected data for our research. We hiked up the canyon and explored more from the ridges. We were able to see the contact between Salt Wash and Somerville Formation. We clicked pictures of the bedding so that we could draw the lithology. It was a 3-hour EVA and every second is going to contribute to the knowledge pool of canyons on Earth and Mars.

Destination: Compass Rock and Candor Chasma

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 519900, 4251794

Participants: Annalea, Bharti and Clare

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Exit the Hab through the main airlock, drive the driveway to Cow Dung Road 0110 and continue in the north direction. Reach compass rock and south of Candor Chasma and conduct the fieldwork within a range of 800 m.

Mode of travel: Curiosity and Opportunity Rover

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