EVA Report – February 24th

Crew 293 EVA Report 24-02-2024

EVA #005

Author: Lise Lefauconnier (EVA Leader)

Purpose of EVA: Data retrieval from Atmospheric Instruments

Start time: 8:52

End time: 10:38

Narrative: The EVA objectives were to retrieve data from the atmospheric instruments, fix a problem on the third instrument, plant a sign to signal tourists not to approach the site, and film some images with a drone.

Depressurization until 8 :57

8 :58 : Drone ready to fly. Not managed by the EVA team during the EVA but by another member in the Science Dome. This was allowed by Mission Support on the radio, before the EVA.

9 :00 : Rovers loaded

Curiosity hours : 268.8h

Curiosity batteries: 98%

Spirit hours : 246.0h

Spirit batteries: 86%

9:06 : Leaving campus

9:09 : Arrived on site.

9:17 : Data retrieved from the 1st atmospheric instrument.

9:25 : Data retrieved from 2nd instrument

9:27 : Batteries OFF

9:44 : Cables from 3rd instrument fixed

9:46: Batteries ON

9:57 : 3rd instrument is not starting again.

9:58: Batteries OFF

9:59 : Unplugged two cables from 3rd instrument

10:03 : Sign installed successfully by Yves

10:05 : Cables from 3rd instrument plugged back in

10:10 : 1st and 2nd instruments back ON

10:18: 3rd instrument still not working. Shutting down and not starting again.

10:26 : Leaving site

Curiosity batteries: 64%

Spirit batteries: 59%

10:29 : Opening Airlock to load it

10:38 : Back in the Hab

Destination: Location between the Hab and Marble Ritual

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518500, 4251000

Participants : Lise Lefauconnier, Yves Bejach, Marie Delaroche

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, North direction

Modes of travel :Curiosity Rover and Spirit Rover, and walk

Additional notes: A car passed by at some point during the EVA and someone went out of it to take pictures of us from approximately 50 meters. It bothered us a bit.

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