EVA Report – March 1st

Crew 293 EVA Report 01Mar2024

EVA #009

Author: Lise Lefauconnier (Leader)

Purpose of EVA: Searching for checkpoints at NorthRidge with a 2D map generated by photogrammetry.

Start time: 8:58

End time: 11:45

Narrative: The goal for this EVA was for a team (Lise and Marie), supervised by Mathurin, to search for checkpoints at North Ridge with a 2D map. The goal was to do it under 3h00, they were done in 1h40. They spent some time taking pictures at the end, and stopped near the atmospheric instruments’ site to put back up the sign that had fallen because of the wind. The wind was higher than expected during the EVA but conditions were still stable to go on with the EVA.

8 :58 start of EVA

9 :03 End of depressurization

SPIRIT hours 246.8

SPIRIT battery 98%

OPPORTUNITY hours 164.8

OPPORTUNITY battery 100%

9 :07 switch on channel 1 for LISE and Habcom (Léa)

9 :08 Leaving campus

9 :09 Sign of atmospheric instruments is down, going to fix it at the end of the EVA if the team has time.

9 : 14 Parking the rovers, arrived at North Ridge

9:16 Starting to search for checkpoints

9 :26 Lot of wind, a map flew away but was caught up quickly a few meters away

Checkups with Habcom every 15 minutes to make sure everything was okay.

10 : 57 Search finished

11 : 00 All good, Taking pictures

11 : 20 Leaving site with the rovers, plan on putting the sign back up at Marble Ritual.

11 : 26 Stopping at marble ritual

11 : 28 Switching on channel 2 for Lise and Léa

11 :32 Sign is up. Coming back to campus.

11 : 36

OPPORTUNITY battery 60%

SPIRIT battery 48%

11: 40 Airlock

11 :45 END OF EVA

Destination: East flank of North Ridge

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518750,4251750

Participants: Lise Lefauconnier (EVA leader), Marie Delaroche, Mathurin Franck

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, North direction

Modes of travel: Spirit Rover and Opportunity Rover and walking

Additional notes: None

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