Astronomy Report – March 9th

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Astronomy Report

Name: Léa Bourgély

Crew: 293

Date: 09/03/2024


Telescope Requested: Solar Observatory

Objects to be Imaged this Evening: None

Images submitted with this report: Sun prominence

Additional Notes:

1. The lower part of the shutter is still stuck, but we’ve got some improvements. Peter shared with us new guidelines for tomorrow, we will apply them during the morning. We are making progress.

2. About imaging with the solar telescope : here is a nice picture of a prominence, and it disappeared some minutes later. I’ve been trying to get good images of sunspots (like the ones that are present in the guide book) but there is no "GAMMA" to tune on SharpCap, and I am not able to tune really well the telescope with only exposure and gain. @peter, any piece of advice on that ? Also, I think tomorrow’s conditions for imaging are better than today’s. I am also wondering how to tune the telescope with the 2 big black knobs ? I’ve been trying them but I can’t see the sun’s surface like the one present in the guide books. Thanks for your help !!

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