Sol Summary – March 11th

Crew 293 Sol Summary Report 11-03-2024

Sol: 22

Summary Title: Good Vibes Only

Author’s name: Marie Delaroche, Crew Commander

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

Final week on Mars, final photogrammetry destination: this morning, an EVA team composed of the Crew Scientist, the GreenHab Officer and the HSO was sent to Kissing Camel Ridge, tasked with choosing checkpoints and 3D mapping the area. They made the most of their outing by also collecting data from the atmospheric instruments and changing their batteries.

In the afternoon, part of the Crew worked to make plans for the AMI interface for our final week on Mars, while the HSO and GreenHab Officer continued working on their code to retrieve the core data sets from the impedance meter and our smartwatches. The Crew Scientist also started working on generating the 3D map of Kissing Camel Ridge.

While Crew members were working on their projects throughout the afternoon, they took turns in the Science Dome to discover a video created for each individual crewmember, featuring ESA astronaut Arnaud Prost! This surprise gave us the final boost we needed to do our very best during this final week at the Mars Desert Research Station.

Look Ahead Plan:

The two exploration EVAs at Kissing Camel Ridge (involving a 2D team and a 3D team) are scheduled on Sol 24 and Sol 25. We aim to dismantle and retrieve all atmospheric instruments on Sol 26 (morning), and to break sim at 6 PM.

Anomalies in work: EVA suits 7 and 9

Weather: Cloudy, Low 2°C, High 16°C

Crew Physical Status: Nominal

EVA: Photogrammetry of Kissing Camel Ridge

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Journalist’s Report, GreenHab Report, Operations Report, Photos (6-8 pics), EVA Report

Support Requested: NA

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