Mission Plan – March 17th

Name of person filing report: Emily Doherty
Our Crew is as follows:
Commander: Leanne Hirshfield
Crew Engineer: Marta Čeko
HSO: James Crum
Journalist: Emily Doherty

Mission Plan: Crew 294 is comprised of two research professors, 1 post-doc, and 1 PhD student with expertise in the use of neurophysiological sensors to measure human social, cognitive, and affective states in ecologically valid settings. Crew 294 will be testing several neurophysiological sensors for the purpose of planning out future experimental studies. Specifically, the capabilities (ergonomics, bluetooth range, signal fidelity across distances) of several sensors will be tested within the Hab and during a few proposed EVAs, weather permitting.

We have two primary objectives:
To immerse ourselves within the simulation to better understand what a crew on Mars would experience in order to inform future study designs on similar populations in similar environments.
To test the feasibility of several neurophysiological sensors on ourselves (eye tracking, peripheral physiology, neuroimaging, audio, virtual reality) while at MDRS.
This mission will therefore provide our research team (crew 294) with greater knowledge about MDRS to design studies to propose to run in future visits.

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