Operations Report – March 14th

Crew 293 Operations Report 14-03-2024

SOL: 25

Name of person filing report: Leo Tokaryev

Non-nominal systems:

Notes on non-nominal systems:


Spirit rover used:no


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging:

Opportunity rover used:yes

Hours: 167.9

Beginning charge:100

Ending charge:59

Currently charging:yes

Curiosity rover used: yes

Hours: 271.8

Beginning charge:100

Ending charge:58

Currently charging:yes

Perseverance rover used: no


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging:

General notes on rovers:

Summary of Hab operations: put notes here

WATER USE: 12.51 gallons

Water (static tank): 125.1 gallons

Static tank pipe heater (on or off):On

Static tank heater (On or off)On

Toilet tank emptied: no

Summary of internet: none

Summary of suits and radios:

Summary of GreenHab operations: put notes here

WATER USE: 8 gallons

Heater: On

Supplemental light: 22h-2h automatic

Harvest: 7 sunflowers

Summary of ScienceDome operations: none

Dual split: Heat or AC, On

Summary of RAM operations:

1- Every suit (from 1 to 9, I didn’t touch the two suits that are on the shelf under suits 7,8 and 9) was equipped with 3 replacement fuses, as discussed yesterday.

2- The battery of suit 9 was changed. We have lots of work to do before the end of the mission, so I won’t be able to test the battery for 4 hours, as with other suits, but the next crew could take care of it.

3- The zip-ties in the tunnel to the science dome were cut and lots of new ones were added on places where they were missing. There are only 2 large zip ties left. Also, there’s a lot of small zip ties in the RAM (the ones that belong to the Mars Society and the crew will also leave some to replace those we used), and some medium zip-ties(long but not large). I recommend buying some more medium size zip-ties, and large ones (those that are used for the tunnels)

Summary of any observatory issues: none

Summary of health and safety issues: none

Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support:

We have a lot of stuff that we could leave to the next crews, since we won’t be needing it anymore, please tell me if we can leave them in the RAM:

-lots of metal tent stakes

-different types of screws, in their original sorting box

-two chargers for batteries that are functioning well

-lots of AA and AAA batteries

-electric tape, normal tape, foil-covered tape( also, there’s not enough simple black tape for future crews).

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