Mission Plan – March 24th

Crew 295 Mission Plan

We are the University of Colorado Mars In Simulated Surface Environments (MISSE) 2024 crew. Our mission is to provide interdisciplinary training to students interested in the intersections of human health, performance and medical care in an extraplanetary environment. Our students bring a broad set of experiences from military service, paramedic training, human physiology, aerospace engineering, and computer programing and are representative of future astronaut crews. This is our 5th year of running this course and we are extremely grateful to be back at MDRS to provide our students with a unique learning opportunity. This course is based around didactic lectures and simulated high fidelity EVAs where crews work in operational teams to complete simulated spaceflight goals like finding a satellite or launching a rocket. During these missions a medical contingency occurs and the crews are forced to respond and provide simulated medical care. This year we have build and included a medical module built into a trailer for the students to practice their wilderness and space medicine skills. Over the course of the week at MDRS our students learn about space through our hands on learning approach of field simulation. Prior students have listed this as their favorite class at the University of Colorado and many of them have gone on to work in human health and performance in spaceflight. We have an excellent group of students this year and are looking forward to another great week at MDRS as part of the MISSE course!

Anderson, Arian

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