Journalist Report – March 27th

Journalist report
By Katya Sofia Arquilla

In the morning students participated in a dynamic discussion with our physician instructors focusing on medical decision-making in remote settings. The students analyzed the simulated medical scenarios they have experienced during EVAs so far to sharpen their diagnostic and treatment skills under challenging conditions and to learn from their mistakes. The session underscored the importance of adaptability and resourcefulness in delivering effective healthcare beyond traditional clinical settings.

After that, students gathered for an insightful lecture on toxicology in space. Led by one of our physician instructors, the session delved into the unique challenges posed by space environments, exploring the effects of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lack of oxygen on human physiological systems. Discussions encompassed strategies for identifying and mitigating potential hazards, equipping students with vital knowledge to ensure crew safety during prolonged space missions. During a second set of lectures, the students received a signal from a crashed spaceship with injured crewmembers the students needed to search for and rescue. Students divided themselves into teams and navigated through the simulated Martian landscape to rescue two crew members who had crashed from a spaceship. One of the fallen crewmembers had a simulated traumatic brain injury and the other was hypoxic. The students successfully returned their patients to the habitat and treated their injuries in medical simulation. The activity was challenging and tested their problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and capacity to manage unforeseen challenges, laying the groundwork for effective teamwork.

After the simulated search and rescue EVA, the students and instructors debriefed the simulated EVA and talked about the challenges of communicating with such a large team in the field. The day concluded with a shared dinner between students and instructors, providing an opportunity for informal exchange of reflections on the day. We all looked at the night sky together and shared stories about our career paths and interests. The relaxed atmosphere fostered bonds of friendship and mutual respect, reinforcing the sense of community within the group.

Thanks so much for participating in our simulation today, Sergii! We would love to debrief with you on your experience tomorrow.

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