EVA Report – April 10th

EVA #14
Author: Arnaud de Wergifosse (Scientist)
Purpose of EVA: Our goal is to explore as well as find fossilized wood and shells. We are going to walk west from the Hab to join Hab Ridge Road and then explore in a 500m radius direction ranging from South South West to North North West. Our goal in this area is to find the fossilized shells. We will do that by looking for rocks and formations that are propice to fossilization and open them with Maxime’s Geological Hammer. Once we finish our gathering and after we inform the Hab, we will hike back down to the station, and take the rover to Roberts Rock Garden. It will be an approximate 800m ride. Once we arrive there, we will leave the rover and go in a radius of about 300m from the rover. We still don’t exactly know the direction because we will see what are the best locations there. In any case, we will send our Hab the direction once we decide on the ground. We will look for different types of fossils like Wood. Once the gathering is done, we will immediately head back home and finish the EVA
Start time: 3:05pm
End time: 6:01pm
Narrative: We got out under the hot sun at 16h08 and started to climb West Ridge. Once on top, we walked to the road and while we were doing that, we understood that all the rocks that we were walking on were in fact shells. Fossilized shells! It was completely impressive and mind blowing. Once we finished gathering a couple bags of these precious artifacts of the past, we decided to as planned to drive the rovers to Roberts Rock Garden to find fossilized wood. And with some dedication, we found a couple of ones. After that, it was time to head back and share our findings with the crew.
Destination: Hab ridge by walking and Then Roberts Rock Garden
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84):
4250600 517800 (Hab ridge)
4249300 518400 (Roberts Rock Garden)
Participants: Maxime Foucart (Astronomer) and Romain Maddox (Commander)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Walking West to get to Hab Ridge then East to come back to the Hab. Then Cow Dung Road 0110 South
Mode of travel: Driving (Curiosity) and walking

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