HSO Pre-Mission Checklist – March 31st

Submitted by: Imane El Bakkali
Crew: 296
Date: 31/03/2024
Part 1: Using the attached Safety Equipment Inventory, locate, test and confirm operation of all safety equipment. List any equipment not found and/or missing: none
Part 2: Locate and confirm the emergency escape routes in the Hab are functional and clear:
1. Stairs [OK]
2. Emergency window [OK]
3. Commander’s window [OK]
Part Three:
Inventory First Aid kit and note what needs to be refilled: None
Note any safety issues: None
Note any health/environmental issues: None
Note any missing or recommended health and safety supplies:

Recommended :
– Anti-histaminic
– Paracetamol
– Cold pack

Safety Equipment Inventory 2023-2024

HAB Upper deck HAB Lower deck RAM GreenHab ScienceDome Rovers
CO monitor x [OK] X [OK] X [OK] X [OK] X [OK]
Escape ladder X [OK]
Eyewash X [OK]
Fire blanket X [OK] X [OK] X [OK]
Fire extinguisher X [OK] X [OK] X [OK] X [OK] X [OK]
First Aid X [OK] X [OK]
Intercom X [OK] X [OK] X [OK] X [OK]
Nightlight X [OK] X [OK]
Propane alarm X [OK] X [OK]
Radios (Channels 10 and 22) X [OK] X [OK] X [OK] X [OK] X [OK]
Smoke alarm X [OK] X [OK] X [OK] X [OK] X [OK]
Tow rope X [OK]
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