Journalist Report – April 10th

Crew 296 Journalist – Alba Sánchez Montalvo
SOL 10 started calmly since there was no EVA planned. Everyone could sleep enough to recover their energy and face the last sols to come. During the morning, the last crew members recorded their videos about their experiments at the MDRS for our social media and our collaborations. Again, our non-acting skills shone brighter than us, but we managed to have decent videos.
Loriane cooked meatballs with mashed potatoes for lunch, joining Imane in doing magic when cooking with lyophilized food. Right after, Maxime and Romain went on an EVA to explore and look for fossils. Under the hot sun, they climbed West Ridge and discovered that the ‘rocks’ they were walking on were actually fossilized shells! They collected some and then they could also find some fossilized wood. After that, they returned to the station and shared their discoveries with the rest of the team.
To conclude the sol, the team worked on the daily reports and prepared dinner before playing their new addiction: ‘undercover’. We will go to bed soon since tomorrow will be a busy sol!

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