Journalist Report – April 3rd

By Alba Sánchez Montalvo

This morning, Maxime and Alba went on an EVA to x on Max’s weather station and explored the surroundings, going through a few small canyons and sorting out a few little caves on the way. The rest of the crew stayed at the station and worked on their experiments and tasks in the different modules. After having lunch together, Louis, Arnaud and Hippolyte prepared for their EVA to perform an automatic flight with Louis’ drone to study the area between the MDRS, the Hab Ridge and the North Ridge. Meanwhile, the rest of the team listened to some music and worked on their experiments. Maxime spent some time at the observatory doing solar observations getting familiar with following the tutorials on how to take pictures and he captured an image of a prominence and sunspot. Arnaud, Hippolyte, Romain and Alba spent time together doing some sports, regretting not having unlimited water to have a shower… reminding us that we are on Mars now! Later, the team sat together at the main hab to work on the daily reports before having dinner and resting to face one more day.

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