Journalist Report – April 4th

By Alba Sánchez Montalvo

We started the day early today because it was a very busy one! In the morning, the whole team were on EVA, in two turns, for Romain’s experiment about manipulating the drone. We did it all during the morning because the wind was expected to be strong in the afternoon. They were two fast EVAs. Back at the station, a delicious meal cooked by Imane was waiting for us, so we all had lunch before doing anything else. Later, Alba, Arnaud and Imane collected their samples for their biomedical research: blood, saliva and inflammatory cell count in blood. To continue with our experiments, we followed Romain’s instructions for the TapStrap on how to order the drone to perform a certain action; we had a consultation with our psychologist Loriane to discuss our personality profiles; last, we had a meeting with Hippolyte for his experiment with our developing AI crew mate. But that’s not all. The team also worked on doing some content in the form of videos for our collaborations and visibility of the project, showing around the different modules and their function in the station. Later on, we sat at the main hab to work on the daily reports and to have our regular meeting where we discussed how the simulation was going for each crew member and talked about ways of improving the experience for the whole team. To finish the day, dinner and a team building activity was planned. Successfully survived the windy conditions on Mars!

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