Journalist Report – April 5th

Crew 296 Journalist – Alba Sánchez Montalvo
Weather forecast was looking horrible today. During the morning, through the window, we could see a huge dust storm on the horizon! Maxime’s weather station survived (we still wonder how). The girls managed to wash their hair with less than 5L of water for the 3 of them. Washing hair never felt so good! Since the conditions were not ideal, we did not plan any EVAs for today. During the morning, we cleaned every module and worked on the mid-mission summary, to report how our experiments are advancing.

We had lunch together and after that, some crew members had some Spanish lessons, learning the basics of the language. They are already planning their future trip to Granada and cannot wait to practice their Spanish in the warm south of the country.

Early in the afternoon, we spent some time making different videos for our social media, our collaborations and for promoting space exploration and science. We laughed a lot behind the scenes, discovering our non-acting skills after needing 23 takes to get a ten seconds video. We are definitely not made for the camera but for drones, microscopes and research.

To finish the day, as usual, we worked on our daily reports and appreciated having more time to be relaxed and together as a team. We discussed our next steps for the weekend and had dinner together, looking forward to one more sol on Mars!

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