Sol Summary – April 7th

Sol: 7
Summary Title: Rrrrrap on Mars
Author’s name: Alba Sánchez Montalvo
Mission Status: Overcoming inconveniences
Sol Activity Summary:
The sol started with an EVA by the biomedical team (Alba, Arnaud, Imane and Loriane) where the main goal was to explore and to make a reconnaissance of the Candor Chasma area for future EVAs. We took beautiful pictures and we had a little accident in which Arnaud got attacked by a space cactus. Our crew health and safety officer took good care of him and it was solved and disinfected successfully. Despite the inconvenience, everyone had a great time. Meanwhile, Louis spent some time in the RAM preparing some beacons for his experiment with his drone. Maxime took incredible pictures of the sun and made a beautiful composit image of it. We are all very excited because there will be an eclipse tomorrow and Maxime will take care of everyone being able to see it and understand what is going on. It was a sampling sol for the biomedical team so, as previously done, blood and saliva collection, inflammatory cell count in blood and sample processing were performed in the science dome. We thank again our collaborator @dentognostics for providing us with the incredible ORALyzer and @yourbio_health for the device used for blood collection. Also, we would like to thank the IREC, specially the LUNS department, for providing us with some of the material needed for the sample collection. On top of that, Centro Sur, and all the sponsors who joined us, for making this project possible. In the evening, we made some bread and enjoyed some time together. In the evening, we made some bread and enjoyed some time together. The rappers are back, the show must go on on Mars.
Look Ahead Plan: we plan to do an EVA tomorrow to continue with Romain’s experiment, we will observe the eclipse with the guidance of Maxime and will make some content for our social media and for our collaborations
Anomalies in work: NA
Weather: sunny and warm all day
Crew Physical Status: a little bit tired, but feeling great
EVA: In the morning, Alba, Imane, Loriane and Arnaud headed for the compass rock where they parked their rovers. They took some photos at this rock and then descended into the Candor Chasma to visit the area and take some photos and videos in order to carry out reconnaissance for future EVAs.
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Journalist’s Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, Photos (6-8 pics), EVA Report, EVA Request(s) Astronomy Report.
Support Requested: NA

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