Sol Summary – April 8th

Sol 8
Summary Title: Our sun got eaten by the moon
Author’s name: Alba Sánchez Montalvo
Mission Status: In progress
Sol Activity Summary:
The sol started very early since it was scheduled to be a busy one. Two EVAs were planned for in the morning to continue with Romain’s experiment to do different maneuvers with the drone, followed by the TapStrap test to assess whether this device facilitates communication between crew members. Maxime has become addicted to making bread (and the rest of the crew to devour it). Around 12h, the crew went to the observatory to observe a beautiful solar eclipse which was taking place this sol, which makes it unique for us! After lunch, it was time to record some more videos for our social media and collaborators. There was time for half of the crew and we talked about the goal, methodology and importance of our experiments. We also made some videos to thank all our sponsors for their support on this mission, it would not have been possible without them! Then, some crew members practiced some sports while others were preparing dinner: it’s pizza night! Time flies, we are now more than halfway through the experience. We don’t want to leave Mars, we have made it our new home!
Look Ahead Plan: there are two EVAs planned for tomorrow, one for Louis’ experiment and one for Maxime’s one to check on his weather station and to explore new areas. Also, we will finish recording our videos about our experiments tomorrow.
Anomalies in work: NA
Weather: Mostly clear skies, no wind
Crew Physical Status: Some crew members are little bit tired, but all good in general
EVA#10 : We got out at exactly 8 o’clock and directly went to Marble ritual. We didn’t want to waste time since near noon, the eclipse would be at its highest. Once we arrived at the location, we all flew the drone as intended with no problems. We headed back home and finished one of the shortest EVA’s. A quick but really efficient EVA.
EVA#11 : We got out near 9 o’clock and directly went to Marble ritual. Once we arrived at the location, Hippolyte, Alba and Loriane flew the drone without any problems occurring. We came back to encode the data, enjoy a snack before the eclipse.
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Journalist’s Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, Photos (6-8 pics), EVA Report, EVA Request, Astronomy Report
Support Requested: NA

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