EVA Report – April 15th

EVA # 1

Author: Sarah Lamm (Geologist)

Purpose of EVA: EVA certification training to Marble Ritual as requested by the MDRS.

Start time: 2:00 pm

End time: 3:00 pm

Narrative: We arrived at Marble Ritual with Spirit and Opportunity, and proceeded due east for about 270 m to the ritual buckets. After each person dropped a rock in the bucket, we proceed to examine the most Northwestern mound (about 4250921 N 518693E) within 30 meters of the Marble Ritual Posts. There we saw evaporated stream beds, filled with fine grained red sediments, as well as irregular white and red fine-grained patches. From there we proceed to the center mound, which is southeast of the first mound. and climbed to the top (about 4250899 N 518703 E). We quickly decided to leave as the wind was much stronger at the top. We briefly explored the shorter Northeastern mound (about 4250925 N 518714 E), until we descended at 2:20 pm due to the wind picking up. On the ground, we observed ventifact sandstones, as well as desert vanish. At 2:34 pm the crew returned to the rovers and parked at the Hab at 2:39 pm.

A singular curious alien coming from the south was spotted on Cow Dung Road at 2:21 pm. They seem to observe the EVA team and the Mars Desert Research Campus for about 10 minutes, until they left going north on Cow Dung Road.

Destination: Marble Ritual

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 4250957 N 518615 E

Participants: Sarah Lamm (Geologist), Pawel Sawicki (Commander), Sean Marquez (GreenHab Officer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road

Mode of travel: Spirit and Opportunity Rovers

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