Sol Summary – April 15th

Crew 297 Sol Summary Report 15-04-2024

Sol: 01

Summary Title: Welcome to Mars

Author’s name: Pawel Sawicki

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

"Welcome to Mars," exclaimed Mission Support as we touched down today a little past noon. After the arduous trek from Earth was over, we immediately consumed our lunch sandwiches and went onto preparing our checkride EVAs. The two EVAs at Marble Ritual were quite nominal (other than the occasional alien’s strolling by) and provided most of the newbie crew members with the confidence and skill set needed to thrive in succeeding EVAs. The day concluded with a sumptuous ceviche dinner made by Sean and sous-chef Sarah.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we will perform a single EVA in the morning. The purpose of the EVA will be for "Team A" to seek out the recently delivered [inert] Nuclear Power System (NPS). If "Team A" is successful they will then hide the [inert] NPS for the second half of the crew to reproduce the seek study during a future EVA.

Anomalies in work: Loose XLR 3 pin connector on Suit 3. INOP’ed for the time being (labeled with blue tape).

*Anomaly occurring during report": Power in the Hab blacked out, and has been restored after switching to generator power. Due to the power outage’s late occurrence, it will be discussed in the Operations Report tomorrow.


Around noon: moderate winds (7 mph from the west, gusting to 17 mph), chilly (55F), overcast in the surrounding horizon areas, partially cloudy above the Hab (cloud coverage: 30%).
During the afternoon (data is taken at 1700): strong winds (21 mph from the northwest, gusting 25 mph), chilly (60F), partially cloudy (cloud coverage: 38%) with a storm in the distance.
Crew Physical Status: Tired from the long journey over to Mars, but overall in good health.

EVA: Checkride EVAs were completed with nominal operations.

Reports to be filed:

Sol Summary
Journalist Report
GreenHab Report
Operations Report
EVA report (2 EVAs)
EVA request (1 EVA)
Support Requested: We have requested that the [inert] NPS (currently in the RAM) be placed by Mission Support at a location of their choosing (though reachable by rover and within a maximum of 15 minutes of walking). Once the inert NPS is hidden, precise GPS coordinates and a photo are requested to be taken to not lose track of the location. These GPS coordinates are then asked to be sent to Pawel.

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