Sol Summary – April 22nd

Crew 297 Sol Summary Report 22-04-2024

Sol: 08

Summary Title: Mars on Earth Day

Author’s name: Pawel Sawicki

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary:

This morning, half the crew woke up with the Martian sun to prepare for an early EVA start time. Keeping cool prior to the impending peak of the hottest sol of the sim, Lamm and Sawicki set out to survey the grey area (as seen by satellite) between the Sea of Shells and Overlook to gather spectral data. Unfortunately for them, Opportunity was only able to traverse half of Brahe Highway and the rest of the journey was conquered by foot. While the views of Overlook proved to be spectacular, it was also confirmed that the area contained more uranium content than the previously explored lands around MDRS (but still in line with an average amount). As the environment started to heat up, the crew forwent a visit to the Sea of Shells and headed back to the Hab. After conducting their duties today, the crew enjoyed a finger-licking tuna & veggie casserole made by Chef Lynch.

Look Ahead Plan:

Tomorrow there are a couple of EVAs planned. The early EVA crew will look to locate the NPS that was hidden today. The second EVA will continue locally testing Case, with a ground station located inside the comfortable air-conditioned confines of the ScienceDome. During the latter EVA, the crew will monitor Case on the outside and take gamma-ray spectral data of geological formations by the MDRS station.

Anomalies in work:

Suit 11 (fan power substantially decreased mid-EVA): Battery was replaced but the air flow is still less than nominal
Morning (data from 0900): calm winds (2 mph), chilly (57F), and sunny with clear skies
Noon: calm winds (4 mph), warm (75F), and sunny with clear skies
Afternoon (1800): moderate winds (19 mph), warm (80F), and broken cloud coverage
Crew Physical Status: Overall crew health is nominal.

EVA: During today’s EVA the crew was able to admire the beauty of the Overlook, but unfortunately the crew was not able to reach the Sea of Shells. Nevertheless, site-seeing is never an objective of any EVA, including today’s. Thus the goals of the EVA (analyzing the geological features of this Northwest area) were completed and the EVA can be deemed a success.

Reports to be filed:

Sol Summary
Journalist Report
GreenHab Report
Operations Report
EVA report (1 EVA)
EVA request (2 EVAs)
Mid-Mission Report
Support Requested: None requested.

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