EVA Report – April 23rd

Crew 297 EVA 13 Report 23-04-2024    

EVA # 13

Author: Pawel Sawicki

Purpose of EVA: We plan on continuing tests of Case’s abilities with a local EVA. A ground station will be set up inside of the ScienceDome, with Case maneuvering in the surrounding outside area. While one crew member monitors (and if needed, controls) Case from the inside of the ScienceDome, another (Pawel) will follow Case around to locally monitor and help troubleshoot any problems. The operator of the ground station in the ScienceDome will not be involved in the EVA.
Within the vicinity (and LOS) of the Case operation, Sarah will take gamma-ray spectral data of the areas around the Hab/ScienceDome.

Start Time: 11:35 AM

End Time: 1:45 PM

Narrative: Today’s EVA was the final set of trial runs needed to get Case’s confidence up before exploring an area outside of the shadows of the MDRS Station. Sarah and Pawel quickly set up the ground station with Sean initially monitoring and controlling Case from the cool comfort of the ScienceDome. After setup, Sarah explored the area and took gamma-ray spectrometer measurements. She noted that the uranium content here was more than areas further south from the Hab (around Robert’s rocks), but inline with what is expected. Meanwhile, Sean was able to deliver a secret message to Pawel using a hexadecimal circle and Case’s precise IMU, ala The Martian. Case was also able to maneuver around an obstacle course to gather imagery of a point of interest, but needed some manual input from Sean in the process.

Destination: Around the MDRS ScienceDome

Coordinates: 12S 518203E 4250930N

EVA Participants: Pawel Sawicki (Commander) and Sarah Lamm (Crew Geologist)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: none, local EVA

Mode of travel: walking

Vehicles you will be using (If applicable): none

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