Mission Plan – May 12th

Our Mission:
Our mission is designed to pioneer new techniques for exploring Mars and analyzing extraterrestrial materials through a simulated Martian environment. We are conducting geological research, mapping a detailed 3D mock-Martian terrain, studying the nutritional data of plants grown in mock-Martian soil, and monitoring space weather events in real time via the Musk Observatory. The overall goal is establish steps to ensure successful roundtrip travel to Mars. With MDRS and NASA, we are extending this material study to attempt to bring back rockets we launch. Essentially, a larger plan would be to use space weather patterns to optimize when we perform launches with Avery and Kristina’s work, mapping that terrain with Rishabh’s research, and finally analyzing and repurposing found materials as energy sources to essentially create rocket fuel (process called electrolysis) and figure out how we can look at vegetation and consumption on Mars, which will be a combined effort of what me, Noah, and Aravind do.

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