Journalist Report – May 23rd

Hello Mission Control,

I can’t believe we have one more full day left here! It’s been an incredible journey and I am so grateful to have been a part of it and for my team, they are truly the best.

Today we started the day with our last two EVAs. The first one was a walking EVA with Aravind, Avery, and Noah. Myself and Rishabh were on comms for it. They were actually behind the hab so we got great pictures of them at a higher altitude. They had a successful EVA and came back.

Then, Kristina, Rishabh and I went on Crew 299’s very last EVA! It was bittersweet as Avery said. She was on comms the entire time and we drove to Marble Ritual and walked around the area to get some sample that the science bros and I had to confirm. We also got a SICK shot of us driving back with the drone. Looking forward to sharing that.

Then, we spend the rest of the day split in our subgroups. Rishabh helped Avery and Kristina with a bit of their code. The astronomy team processed four new images. They even reprocessed their first solar image with their new experience! Avery would also like to express how bittersweet this ending is, but how grateful we are to have had it in the first place.

In the science dome, we were able to finish one document and start two more analysis ones for the PDMS samples and the ones we believe will sustain life.

Other than that we are now going to have mac n cheese!

Thank you,
Pari & the Bevonauts

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