Sol Summary – May 24th

Crew 299 Sol Summary 05-24-2024
Sol: 12
Summary Title: The End
Author’s Name: Prakruti Raghunarayan
Mission Status: Complete
Sol Activity Summary:

Avery and Kristina:
For Sol 12, the last sol, it was a productive day! Avery and Kristina used the morning to get final imaging done at the Musk Observatory, which yielded two sets of images. Afterwards, they closed the observatory for the final time. Following this, everyone got to work cleaning the Hab before their journey back to Earth. For example, Avery, Rishabh, Pari, and Kristina helped take inventory of the food and cleaning items of the Hab. Avery also helped sort and take out the trash, as well as put away dishes and vacuum.

For the last day here, Rishabh assisted in cleaning the lower level of the hab as well as cleaning up the RAM. He finished his project up and the videos are done processing. After this, he worked to film a thank you video for donors with Pari. He later did food inventory with Avery, Kristina, and Pari. Now he is doing his research summary.

Noah, Aravind, and Pari:
Today, Pari, Noah, and Aravind cleaned out the science dome and finished up their experiments there. They’ve picked out some samples to send out for spectroscopy analysis–including 3 materials found at MDRS during EVAs. They cleaned out the radishes and cleared out the entire area. Then, they finished their research analysis for the samples. Lastly, they also filmed a thank you video for donors. Pari worked with Avery, Kristina and Rishabh to do food inventory as well.

To MDRS: thank you so much for having us.

Prakruti "Pari" Raghunarayan
Mission Commander

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