Greenhab Report November 6th

On Sol 3 the Green Hab (GH) was quite nice: I checked the humidity 3 times on the day, every time it has 16-17% (tomorrow I’m going to be more specific with the times). I opened the door of the GH at 10:45 and I closed it at 17:30, it was open because it’s getting pretty hot inside. The temperature inside the GH fluctuated between 25°C-32°C during the day.

Inside the GH there is some seed from a former experiment someone was doing, Shannon told me to water them. I did 2 times today at 10:45 and 15:40, I was about to do a third at 18:20 but they had enough water, I will try to water them tomorrow before 09:00.

Species (common name) Number of bowls
Tomatoes 25
Cucumber 7
Melon 8
Beans 17
Pepper 9

At Sol 4 I’ll have to re-label most of the bowls because it’s a mess. So I’ll let you know how that worked. Also, most of the GH is a mess, so as we doing in the lab I’ll try to rearranged everything. It’s a pretty nice place and I think it can be very useful. We found a red wheelbarrow that we are trying to build up to use it at the EVA’s, but it’s extremely weird, we don’t know if it has missing parts or what, but we can’t finish to build it up. It’s driving me crazy.

Tomorrow I’ll start my project, I’m going to measure the rate of germination of quinoa, amaranthus, and mustard.

Sol Summary November 4th

We came in safe and sound, landing went smooth without incident.We had the opportunity to observe the remains of the famous Martian Dinosaurs that dot the landscape. We will have to wait until tomorrow to send out the first report, as we are attending the traditional martian bonfire to start off the field season.

Greenhab Report November 7th

Atila Meszaros

Sol 4 – 7/11/2017

Ambient (no heating or/cooling): None

Ambient with window/door open: Door opened at 09:10 and closed at 17:15

Heating: None

Cooling: None

Shade cloth on/off: Off

Changes to crops: None

Daily water usage for crops: 2 gal approximately

Time(s) of watering for crops: 08:54 and 13:30

Changes to research plants: Atila’s project just started today. Tomorrow I will send more feedback.

Daily watering and amount of water used: none


Hi Key! Atila in here. Sol 4 was a very busy day at the Green Hab (GH).

Ok, so let’s start with some crazy data about the GH today:

Time 08:54 11:52 13:30 17:15
Temperature inside (°C) 29 35.5 38 14
Temperature outside (°C) 5 13 14 8
% Humidity 16 16 16 21

*The times in red were when I watered the seed that is still in the lab, they are supposed to be someone else experiment.

Shannon told me to water the seeds 3 times every day, but by 18:00 they were pretty wet, I don’t want them to rot.

On the noon it was extremely hot, jeez! I had to take my shirt off for a while. I was alone, so I guess it wasn’t that weird.

As I told Sylvain on Sol 3, today I re-labeled all the seeds from the former experiment, it was a mess. Now the seeds look great, I didn’t group them, so they still have the random distribution.

I didn’t have enough time to rearrange the GH because I started my experiment today. I’m going to measure the germination percentage and rate of quinoa, amaranthus and two kinds of mustard on a control soil and the mars analog soil. I’ll attach you a picture of the pots. I still have to finish planting the seed I’m going to put on the growth chamber that’s in the Lab. I’m aiming to finish it before dinner.

Also, I’m aiming to make the GH great again by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll let you know how that worked.

Operations Report November 7th

SOL: 4

Crew Carmen Atauconcha

Generator— It is working perfectly. On.

Solar— Working perfectly

Diesel – 70%

Propane – 57psi

Water (trailer) –

Water (static) – 15cc from top

Trailer to Static Pump used – No

Water (loft) – Static to Loft Pump used – Yes

Water Meter:

ATV’s Used: No

Oil Checked: No

Atv # Fuel Used Gals: Not used

Tires Status:

# Hours Used Day: No EVA’s today

Phobos used: No


Beginning charge:-

Ending charge:-

Currently charging: –

Deimos used: No


Beginning charge:-

Ending charge: –

Currently charging:-

HabCar used? No

Notes and Comments:

Today we had a meeting, where we decide how to reduce the usage of water. Also, we review the radios again and separate which ones are working. In some of them the sound is low. For tomorrow we are planning to organize and clean the tools and equipments that we have in the Hab.

Summary of operations activities:

Everyone is working in their researches. For tomorrow we are going to have an EVA session.

Questions and Concerns to Mission Support:

Hello mission support, I have a question about phobos and deimos, Which are the deimos, and which are the phobos? Please.

Sol Summary November 7th

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 4

Summary Title: A preparation day.

Mission Status: The best thing to do is to try to keep a good relationship and a High State of Consciousness in our crew. We are going fine in our IVA and EVA. We must keep this.

Sol Activity Summary: The commander reflected about sustainability dimensions to be observed in MDRS and also in possible space travel and colonies in Mars.

Look Ahead Plan: Our plans today was to be in the MDRS and start and support the agriculture research developed by Atila. Tomorrow, We you do an EVA. Our EVA officer Will present more details. The commander still working in his book related to Mars and Sustainability research.

Anomalies in work: Nope. Just becoming very cold. ?

Weather: 8 C.

Crew Physical Status: Fine.

EVA: No EVA today.

Reports to be file: We sent in CapComm.

Support Requested: None.

Commander Report November 7th

COMMANDER REPORT: November 7th – MISSION MDRS 182 – 4th Day of Simulation

Yesterday, after conclude the CapComm, I prepared the dinner: eggs with broccoli, tomato soup and tortilla chips. The people liked the tomato soup. J

Spontaneously was discussed during the importance of development technics to reuse the water, a important sustainability topic.

We talked about how the Artificial Intelligence would be used to monitor the body condition during an extraterrestrial travel: controlling some health levels of the space travellers.

We were sleep after midnight, reflecting about many interesting, not only space, but human topics, such as consciousness: fundamental subject for the sustainability of space missions.

I consider that in Space Mission and in Mars missions would be necessary some time to be flexible to think creatively. So, creativity and innovation is the key to We arrive in new worlds. Our experience in MDRS is a good place to think out of the box, about this advanced topics.

Everybody wake up later. No stress! J Today We not had Extravehicular Activities (EVAs). So, some of us explored some possibilities od the MDRS facilities and develop new tasks related to their research.

8h42m – 9h17m – I walked and ran during 35 minutes in the internal corridor of the MDRS, a distance equivalent to 3,5km or more than 2 miles. I consider do more of this. Before the mission was walking and running between 1 and 2,5 hours. I consider that physical activities it is also important to help us to think more creatively. I am motivated to encourage my crewmates also do some exercise during this time.

One of the topics of my research is to evaluate how to deal with distance work activities. During the first days I had a lot of duties. So, today, during the morning, I presented a time to contact my partners in Brazil and also paid some bills using the internet banking services. In Mars this also will an important issue, because a person in mars continues to have some obligations in the planet Earth. Later our router was turned off. In Mars will be also times without communication with Earth. So, this is also part of our simulation.

Also during the morning, I applied my survey related with sustainability with our crew. In the end of the mission I will apply a new survey and compare the result the perception of some sustainability issues perception that can be changed during the 2 weeks mission.

In the afternoon, Atila started to do his agriculture experiment, comparing the use of regolith and the regular soil. The soils will be used to grow seeds and than He will compare the results generated by the two different soils.

I had prepare some meals for the crew. I consider that a very important issue of the life in a habitat Mars related is the wellbeing. The first missions to Mars will be so unique and expensive that all the team needs to arrive will health in Mars. In the planet, the daily life is also important. I am, as a commander, consider be my responsibility to promote a better experience for all the crew.

Each one presents their own psychological, social and physical space, and this needs to be respected and identify the best contribution of each. We are a great team!

13h40m – I started to prepare the lunch.

14h30m – Our lunch was: spaghetti with tuna and cheese, tomato soup, peas and broccoli. After the lunch We discussed some topics. Part of the crew still worried about the internet: if We will consume all the data available, etc. Part of the day the modem will be kept turn off.

16h35m – I walked more 25 minutes, completing 1 hour today. According to Apple Watch I walked 7,8 km or almost 5 miles achieving health goals for today! J I will try to keep those exercises. It perceivable how cold is outside today.

17h30m – I’m preparing a book about many aspects related with Mars, MDRS and some experiences that I’m working in Brazil: the research station Habitat Marte (,

Habitat Marte
Informamos que foram selecionados os seguintes candidatos para participar da primeira missão na Estação de Pesquisa Habitat Marte, a ocorrer no período de 48 …

MarsLab – Laboratory of Technologies Applied to Mars and Semiarid (, Mars Research Group – Mars and Arid Regions Settlements Sustainability and the Museu Espaço Marte ( I’m also committed to create the Mars Society Brazil chapter.

photo.jpg Museu Espaço Marte
O Museu Espaço Marte é um ambiente educativo que tem como propósito apresentar a cultura espacial com foco especial em Marte, com associação ao desenvolvimento …

18h15m –Tonight I review all the MDRS Forms Instruction.

19h – CapComm.


Sol Summary November 6th

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol

Stinky like Pepe LePew but na, na, na, stayin’ alive!
Mission Status: We’re OK. There are no incidents to report.

Sol Activity Summary:
First SIM day went pretty well. Our breakfast was simple enough and then, we prepared for the EVA session. There is a lot going on in those sessions, though. We had some disgareements at first, but everything went well at 2 p.m. (EVA time!) There was some trouble with the radios, though, but we will try to fix that tonight. Weather was fine, too, although the wind decided to blow with some power, just in our EVA session! But we’re pretty awesome, so our capacity to resist is above average.

The crew scientists are being pretty grumpy at this hour of the night. Some are worried about their plant pals! That doesn’t usually happenon Earth! Is this a consequence of Martian issolation? Who knows?

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow, we’ll continue with our experiments. It will be a hab day, tomorrow. Orobably we will repare some things and rearrange the lab. It needs a serious re-decoration. The Green Hab will need some repairs too.

Anomalies in work: We just had troubles with the radios, really. But we will figure something out later tonight.

Weather: … Windy. Somewhat cloudy and just chilly.

Crew Physical Status: Everyone is in good shape. Thanks to our everyday meals! There is some tiredness, though, thanks to the EVA.

EVA: We just explored around the hab, less than a mile.

Reports to be file: Already sent. Please tell us if you need everything in one mail.

Support request: Fire Alarms. Better explained at the HSO officer. Light for the Lab and Green Hab.

Camila Castillo, Atila Meszaros

Crew Scientist, Green Hab Officer

Science Report November 6th

Mars is doing pretty fine right now. As the Crew Scientist, I’ll report the principal events of today’s experiments:

Yesterday, we started the germination tests for the raddish seeds. If everything goes ok, then the seeds will germinate in the next 3 or 4 days. This will be necessary for determinating if these seeds can grow.

We recollected soil samples in today’s EVA. It should be enough for one phase of the geology experiment and one phase of the two biology experiments.

The lab is ok, too. We started to relocate some stuff in there, also labeling it. We want to be able to find all the stuff whenever we need it.

We still can’t report any results, though, but hopefully we will have something for the first days of the next week.

As the Crew Journalist, it seems that I will not work that much today. However, I’ll be writing some stuff about todays events in both english and spanish, so please tell me if you would like some of this writings.

As I told the Crew, I love to write, so I don’t have any problems telling jokes via e-mail!

Hope everything is great on Earth!


Crew Scientist and Journalist

Commander Report November 8th

A great challenge for me is to prepare the meals in the first days of our simulation. In the first days, I considered had did delicious meals. I never had prepare a meal as I had done here. So, for me, it is a great learning that I will bring back to Brazil. Thank you MDRS and Mars Society for makes emerges in me some new competencies applied to my life. J

7h45m – I spent 1 hour walking in the MDRS corridors, in a distance of 6,4 km or 4 miles.

8h55m – In Hanksville is doing 1oC. or 34oF.

9h – Preparation of the breakfast.

10h30m – We still in breakfast. One of the main topics of our debates is related to internet. Just in the first hours, our internet just consumed 290 MB from 550 MB available. So, We are very worried about that. K

10h45m – My soundtrack today is Megadeth album Symphony of Destruction during the time when I’m writing the book related to Mars and Sustainability.

12h – 13h – Shannon Rupert (MDRS Director) presented to us a very detailed instruction about the use of the All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Shannon is always very friendly with us.

13h – Start to prepare the lunch.

13h20m – Stop to help in the EVA preparation.

13h30m – Atila, Brandon and Carmen develop an EVA activity using the ATV. The returned 15h30m.

13h40m – Return to prepare the lunch.

14h40 – Just preparing the lunch.

15h50m-16h50m – Lunch. Our meal today was brown beans, rice with broccoli and beef dehydrated.

17h20m – I just walked more 30 minutes of 4,8 km or 3 miles, completing 11,2 km of walking, or 7 miles.

We all considered that the day was so short today and the time pass so fast.

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