Greenhab Report November 6th

On Sol 3 the Green Hab (GH) was quite nice: I checked the humidity 3 times on the day, every time it has 16-17% (tomorrow I’m going to be more specific with the times). I opened the door of the GH at 10:45 and I closed it at 17:30, it was open because it’s getting pretty hot inside. The temperature inside the GH fluctuated between 25°C-32°C during the day.

Inside the GH there is some seed from a former experiment someone was doing, Shannon told me to water them. I did 2 times today at 10:45 and 15:40, I was about to do a third at 18:20 but they had enough water, I will try to water them tomorrow before 09:00.

Species (common name) Number of bowls
Tomatoes 25
Cucumber 7
Melon 8
Beans 17
Pepper 9

At Sol 4 I’ll have to re-label most of the bowls because it’s a mess. So I’ll let you know how that worked. Also, most of the GH is a mess, so as we doing in the lab I’ll try to rearranged everything. It’s a pretty nice place and I think it can be very useful. We found a red wheelbarrow that we are trying to build up to use it at the EVA’s, but it’s extremely weird, we don’t know if it has missing parts or what, but we can’t finish to build it up. It’s driving me crazy.

Tomorrow I’ll start my project, I’m going to measure the rate of germination of quinoa, amaranthus, and mustard.

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