Sol Summary – November 12th

MDRS Daily Summary Report for sol 9

Summary Title: It’s sunday.

Mission Status: Today looks like a really Sunday. The crew is more relaxed but also focused with their duties. We had a good meal today prepared by Camila. Some of us shared some activities at this time, preparing the lunch. We are a team!

Sol Activity Summary: Keeping a High State of Consciousness in MDRS.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow, We are planning an EVA walking to Lith Cannyon.

Anomalies in work:  Nope.

Weather: 9o C, 49o F

Crew Physical Status: Very well.

EVA: We did an interesting EVA without ATV. We visited an interesting spot walking to the north direction from the MDRS. Distance: 1,2 km. Was collected soil and rock samples. Was possible to do some beautiful images from the area.

Reports to be file: We sent in CapComm.

Support Requested: Nope.

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