Sol Summary – November 15th

MDRS Daily Summary Report for Sol 12.

Summary Title: Rescuing the ATV.

Mission Status: We developed many kinds of activities today: preparing meals, doing research, practicing exercises and rescuing the ATV.

Sol Activity Summary: Great part of our day was consumed with the rescue of the ATV in the in southeast of Skyline Ridge area. They depart at 12h20m and arrived at 15h30m. Julio and Camila worked in a proposal of guidelines to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) during their times aboard of the MDRS. All the crew members developed their specific research.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow, will happen the EVA #9. Starting  11h and finishing 14h. Will participate in the EVA: Brandon (EVA planning, Navigation, Sample Collection), Julio (rock collection and photography) and Carmen (Sample Collection).

Anomalies in work: During the morning part of the crew moves to Skyline Ridge area to rescue the red ATV. Julio broke the simulation between 16h30m-17h30m (1 hour) for 1) to do photos of the full MDRS station from a little distance showing all of the buildings and 2) walking exercise as part of his research related with health and personal sustainability. Julio communicated the external activity to Brandon (EVA Lead).

Weather: 8o C, 46o F.

Crew Physical Status: Fine.

EVA: No EVA today.


Reports to be file:

Commanders Report

Daily Summary Report

Scientific Report

Operation Report

GreenHab Report

HSO Report

XSO Report

Crew-photos Crew 182 15Nov2017.


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