Sol Summary – November 19th

Sol Summary Report

November 19, 2017

Seek out new worlds…

Shannon Rupert, MDRS Director

Mission Status: We are not in sim. Brandon and I are the only two
here.  Les and his team departed early.  We are awaiting Crew 183 on
Tuesday, when they will begin their one-week mission.

Sol Activity Summary:  We did some map/road checking today, exploring
road 1574 and Cactus Road.  Updates will be in my soon to be released
guide to MDRS roads.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow HudgesNet comes to fix my service and we
begin work on the pad for the new RAMM, which will be installed on
campus on Tuesday.  I will also order winter blend diesel, because I
believe it is now cold enough that the summer mix is what shut down
the generator last night.  We also need to get water, ethanol free gas
and work on the new rovers.

Anomalies in work:  Not a sim day.  Generator did not run all night,
but has run all day.  I suspect the summer blend diesel is the issue.
Tried to get lower deck heater to work this morning but it did not.
Will continue troubleshooting.  Water was frozen in the am but thawed
by noon.  We need to get the tank and pipes insulated soon.  I will
contact the contractor.

Weather:  Calm, sunny and cold.

Crew Physical Status:  We are both fine.

EVA: Out of sim EVA to check out northern routes.

Reports to be file: Sol Summary and Operations Report, which was sent
earlier today.  No photos will be sent.

Support Requested: NOTICE:  Effectively immediately and until I say
differently in the spring, the heater at the Hab will stay on as

Temperature 72 degrees

Fan on auto

Heater on ON

The controller should not be adjusted at all by any crew.  When you
adjust it, we lose the heater and it just blows cold air, but if you
just leave it alone, it works perfectly.  If the crew is cold, they
should turn on the secondary heater (once I get it running!)

Please find out what type of filter the heater uses and let me know so
I can order some.  Thank you.

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