Sol Summary – November 22nd

Sol Summary Report

November 22, 2017

A quiet day is a good day on Mars

Shannon Rupert, MDRS Director

Mission Status: Good.  Crew 183 has arrived and will begin their
one-week mission tomorrow.

Sol Activity Summary: We spent the morning and much of the afternoon
cleaning the Hab.  Late in the afternoon, we both took a break and did
a little exploration. Crew 183 arrived at the station at 7:30 pm.

Look Ahead Plan: Training tomorrow for Crew 183.

Anomalies in work:  Out of sim.

Weather:  Calm, sunny and wonderfully warm.

Crew Physical Status:  We are both fine.  I personally am very tired tonight.

EVA: Brandon went exploring to the south this afternoon, and I went
north to the southernmost branch of Tank Wash.  It was amazing.

Reports to be file: Sol Summary and Operations Report.

Support Requested: Will someone be standing by to add the crew to the
Mission Support eList?  I’m worried because it is Thanksgiving.

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