EVA Report – November 23rd

EVA #1 Report

Today we conducted an out-of-sim EVA to the Dinosaur Quarry area, starting at approximately 3:00 PM. Ashton, Toluwa, Jordan, and I went on this EVA, each of us on our own ATV. The main purpose of today’s EVA was to drive the Blue 300 ATV longer than 5 km, so that its battery could recharge.

Before we set out, we did our ATV / Rover training, which lasted for about 20 minutes. Then we had to jumpstart the Blue 300 ATV, which had a low battery. By about 3:00 PM, we had the blue ATV running and ready to go. It took approximately 15-20 minutes for us to get there.

Once we arrived, I had a bit of a scare trying to restart the Blue ATV. It wouldn’t start at all! Then I realized that it was still in High. So I switched it to neutral and it started without any problem.

We spent over an hour in this area, following the canyon from the quarry site until we ended up in Lith Canyon, at the site where my EVA for crew 182 was conducted. We passed by one of the sites where I previously took regolith samples from. Just around the corner from this site was a large pile of petrified wood. Amazingly, these specimens look like fresh kindling wood, ready for the fireplace.

By around 4:30 PM, we made our way back to the ATVs, drove back to the hab, and returned by approximately 4:50 PM.

Have a great night Mission Support!

Prepared by Brandon Ferguson

EVA Officer

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