Greenhab Report – November 25th

Sol 3 – 25/11/2017

Green Hab Officer Jordan Bowden

Average temperature: 23 C in Greenhouse / 9.6 C Outside

Time 10:00 17:00 19:00
Temperature inside (°C) 31 C 20 C 17 C
Temperature outside (°C) 8C 12 C 6 C
% Humidity 18% 19% 20 %

Changes to crops: Everything is growing well.

Daily water usage for crops: 4 Gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops: 10:00, 17:00

Daily watering and amount of water used: 2 gallons used at morning watering, 1 gallon used at 17:00. 3 gallons total.

Narrative: Greetings CapCom,

For the most part, everything was growing well in the Green Hab today. One of the tomato plants leaves started to brown, in a region where it was wilted on Sol 1; I will monitor it closely. Grow lights are operational. Not much else to report.

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